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Black Cat for adoption (new bedford)

Hello, I have a black cat about 4 years old. Friendly sweet but shy. I am looking for a home for her with no other cats or dogs. She NEEDS to be only cat. List below will tell you what you need to do in order to adopt her. i would perfer no young yo [...]

beautiful young male cat for rehoming (New Bedford)

Beautiful solid black cat needs rehoming. He is around 1 year old, NOT fixed and is cat box trained. He is a very affectionate cat that wants lots of attention. I aquired this beauty by agreeing to pet sit and found that I am highly alergic to cats. [...]

Cordon Bleu Finch pair (New Bedford)

Beautiful bonded pair with cage rehoming fee 100.00

Lost female, orange & white, long haired, cat. REWARD !!$$$$$ (Arnold St. New Bedford, MA)

My cat Nina is missing from Arnold Street in New Bedford, MA. She is a long haired, female cat with white fluffy tail missing since 11- 26-2015. If you see anything or find her, Please contact me! $REWARD$ show contact info Thank You!

Looking for a free med/large breed dog (New Bedford)

I am looking for a large breed dog who is good around other animals and that can be serviced. I have severe depression due to a bad miscarriage a few months ago and a companion would help me cope. I live in a one family home with a good sized fenced [...]

Three Female Rats to a Good Home (New Bedford)

Free - simply have no time to interact with them anymore. Three sweet girls. Two are black and white, one is white with red eyes. Must get your own cage and supplies.

5 gal. glass tank w/ screen top (new bedford)

selling a 5 gal. glass tank with screen top no cracks does not leak,reason why im selling is that i had baby turtles in it and I put them in a bigger tank , asking $15.00 for it thank you can contact me at show contact info bobby in the pic you will see p [...]

3 gal. cynlinder aqurium w/everything (new bedford)

for sale is a 3 gal. cynlinder aquarium comes with everything you need and extra!! ph kit, 2 air pumps, 2 surmergable heaters, water conditioner fish food, water filter, fish net, and a led light air stone turns different colors im selling all this [...]

Looking to adopt French Bulldog (New Bedford)

I was going to purchase a French Bulldog puppy, but instead wanted to check Craigslist first to see if there is an adult French Bulldog that needs a responsible loving home. We have a large family with young children and other dogs. We own our home w [...]

Awesome 3 stack rabbit cage (New Bedford Ma.)

Top quality!! New, Triple stack bunny cage with legs. Size is 24x24x67h overall. Inside height of ea. cage is 16h. Constructed of all galvanized after welding wire for long durability. Indestructible 2 1/2 deep plastic trays. Urine guards on all 4 si [...]

golden spray millet (new bedford)

California premium golden spray millet is now available. 5 lb boxes only, $30.00 ea. All sales are CASH only please. Call Jim@ show contact info for factory pickup

4 compartment bird cage (New Bedford Ma.)

New! 40x40 small bird or parrot breeding cage with removable dividers with wheeled stand. Excellent quality. Ea. cage is 20x20 and has stainless bowls. Makes nice flight cage with dividers removed. 2 available 1 assembled and 1 in box, can be assembl [...]

Turtle (New Bedford)

I am rehoming both of my turtle looking for a good home for them very sweet and friendly little guy no tank just them rehome fee for both $35

Hearts 4 Paws Craft Fair!!!!!!! (Buzzards Bay)

Hearts4Paws would love to welcome you to our first craft fair which is happening on November 28th from 10 am to 3 pm. You May ask yourselves what is Hearts4Paws? Hearts4Paws is a Registered Non Profit Animal Rescue we are located in New Bedford Ma,P [...]

pregnant cat looking for a home (new bedford)

Pregnant cat looking for a home. She is sweet and lovable and needs much more attention then i can give. If interested please message me about who you are so I can ensure she will be in a loving home. There will be no rehoming fee for the right Perso [...]

Looking for Yellow lab cichlids

Hi I'll be moving into my new apt. this coming week and will be setting my tanks back up . I've found people that have OBs , Red jewels , empressors BUT now I need to find someone that has some Yellow labs and Johnni cichlids . looking for the to be [...]

Looking for a small breed hypoallergenic female puppy

Hi I'm looking for a small breed female hypoallergenic puppy. No older than 8 weeks please. I have been looking for a while and haven't had any luck. I'm looking to spend between $200 to $250. Also it must be in New Bedford because I have no vehicle. [...]

MISSING CAT! (New Bedford)

His name is Otis and he is a small black and white male neutered cat. About a year old! Has some fur missing above his tail. Is very sweet and friendly. Skittish towards cars and loud noises. He never goes outside and he got out yesterday (November 1 [...]

Low Cost Small bird Breeding Cage (New Bedford, Ma)

Brand New! Low Cost Small Bird Breeding Cage Cage Size is 24 X 11 1/2 X 15H Comes With 2 Dividers (1 solid and 1 wire), 4 Perches and 4 Clear Plastic feeding cups. Factory pickup. Call Jim @ show contact info PRICE IS: CASH ONLY $35.00ea. Other Sup [...]

looking for 1 to 2 inch cichlids

Hi I will be moving into my new apt . this week and setting up my tanks again. I'm looking for cichlids that are between 1 to 2 inches big . I have some Red jewels and some obs already lined up to buy so I won't need anymore of them . I also have 2 [...]

Cat (New Bedford)

I have a 10 year old cat i need to find a new home for. My 4 year old was diagnosed with a cat allergy last year and it has progressively gotten worse to the point it is starting to impact his quality of life. I don't want him taking medication every [...]

small 2 year old russel terror mix shizshoe small cute (New Bedford)

Hello my name is Jessica and I live in an apartment in the Southend of New bedford. Now I have a small puppy named pachino he is Almost 2 years old he was born in the middle of May he is less then 30lbs and isn't going to grow any bigger than he is i [...]

ISO Small Breed Puppy (New Bedford)

Hello! I am currently in search of a new addition to my small family. My fiance and I are in search of a smaller breed puppy to train and to love. I am working at a doggy daycare so the puppy will never be alone and I also have a kitten here as a pla [...]

Looking for young, small dog (New Bedford)

Hello! I am currently in search of a new addition to my small family. My fiance and I are in search of a smaller breed puppy to train and to love. I am working at a doggy daycare so the puppy will never be alone and I also have a kitten here as a pla [...]

Does anyone know where I can get help with dog food? (new bedford)

Hi everyone.. I am kind of in a bind and wanted to know if anyone knew of where I could go for assistance, or if they could personally help me.. I am lower income and was given a dog that was otherwise going to be taken to the shelter. They didn't ca [...]